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Benefits to You

Expert Buyer Representation
As a unique Exclusive Buyer Agency Office, Buyers Broker of Florida only and always represents the best interest of the homebuyer, never the seller. As full time Buyer Agents they understand contracts, house values, options, negotiations, 1031’s, creative thinking, and will do their absolute best to negotiate the most favorable terms only for you the buyer.

Real Estate offices that also list seller properties for sale cannot always represent buyers. Would you hire an attorney that would represent you only part of the time? Or one that dabbles in everything and specializes in nothing? Of course not! You need a friendly partner who knows what they are doing that you can always trust all the time.

Easy to work with
Buyers Broker of Florida will find, show, analyze, negotiate and help make your dream home search a smooth and happy occasion. They have access to all realtor property listings, for sale by owner homes and new construction. Since servicing buyers is their only specialty, these buyer experts are accustomed to doing detailed searches and providing information that many other agents may not know exists. All the agents maintain fully equipped home offices, so that they can readily access information and adapt quickly to any changes in your plans. This efficiency will allow you to view many homes in a short time.

They take the confusion out of searching
The majority of their business consists of out-of-town clients, who typically are not familiar with the area, so these buyer specialists are experienced at sorting your best options and are willing to show you all properties that suit your needs, regardless of whom has the property listed or where it is located. They go wherever the buyer’s needs are best served, are familiar with all six counties and can talk intelligently about each of them. Call them today for a no obligation phone consultation.

Duties only for Buyer, never sellers
Exclusive Buyers Agents owe buyers the fiduciary duties of 100% Loyalty (always on your side), 100% Confidentiality (keep private your personal/financial information) and 100% disclosure (tell you everything).

How they get paid
Buyers Broker of Florida’s professional service fee is paid by the seller at closing, no differently than any other real estate office, so why settle for less?

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