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The owner and head developer of Lake Nona Tavistock group teamed with well-known Cisco to make Lake Nona the first “Smart connected city” in the United States. Cisco has similar developments around the world but this is the first community in America with this level of technology.

Cisco will be working with Lake Nona over the next 13 years to create this smart connected city. This smart connected community will have technology at its center to enable residents to more efficiently manage community operations and services for a higher quality of living.Lake Nona is America's First Smart Connected City

Smart Features of the Lake Nona Community include:

Unified Medical City; This will allow all medical facilities of Lake Nona to work together and communicate for the best and most cost effective patient care through information sharing.

Virtual Safe Community: Local law enforcement, emergency workers, and justice and security companies will be able to integrate, coordinate, and collaborate systems to offer safer neighborhoods. This will be made possible with the use of machine-to-machine and machine-to-man devices such as field sensors, tracking devices, cameras, and other technology-capable devices to quickly assess potential and impending risks.

Unified Education: A media rich learning environment will allow teachers and faculty to access a world of learning tools and information made easily and readily available. High-speed connections will allow quicker access and communication with staff members, students, parents, and professionals.

Smart Work Centers: Multiple public spaces will be set up throughout the Lake Nona community that will offer highly secure internet access making it possible for employers to offer more flexible work options, networking, and meeting efficiency.

Transportation, Entertainment, and Retail: technology will allow for more advanced transpiration systems reducing area traffic. Area retailers will have greater communication and ability to transport goods. Residents will have more ways to connect through shared entertainment experiences such as sporting events.

Some of this technology has already been implemented in the Lake Nona community. Laureate Park the closest neighborhood to Medical City offers homes with fiber optic connections there is even a model smart house that was on display last fall. Much more of the Cisco Smart Connection technology is yet to be implemented and put into place. When finished Lake Nona will be an even more remarkable place to live. For more information about the Lake Nona community or to see homes in the Lake Nona area contact a buyer’s agent today to make and appointment.

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