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Windermere Chain of Lakes | Orlando Florida Homes
Windermere Chain of Lakes

Windermere Chain of Lakes

Windermere Chain of Lakes

Windermere is a place full of rare small town charm.  Amongst the historic downtown street signs and unpaved streets you will find residents that pride themselves on keeping Windermere that way.  Windermere is most famous for being an isthmus nestled in between some of the most beautiful sand bottom lakes in Florida.  It is a great place to live for those wanting quiet water front property not too far, but still removed from the busy city life.Windermere Chain of Lakes

Windermere itself is home to some of the most luxurious estate homes in all of Florida. Inside the town lines you will find more breathtaking homes in a small area than most of Florida. Many big names have come to call Windermere home for the great location and privacy that this small town provides.  The main draw is to live near the lakes. These lakes are pristine and quiet, a place to come home to after a busy day and unwind.

The entire chain of lakes is about eleven all of them have great water quality and are abundant in wildlife. Fishing in these lakes is great year round especially if bass is what you are after.  Large schools of fish make the chain of lakes their home. Also popular is boating, skiing, and paddle boarding.  Living on the water has so many benefits its not hard to see why so many seek to live on or near the Windermere Chain.

There are homes all around these lakes but the atmosphere is still serene and picturesque. Any type of home can be found in the Windermere Chain area. Condos in the area are great for those wanting a low maintenance life-style or maybe a second weekend home to retreat to. Some out of state residents even find condos in this area to be great vacation homes with its proximity to Disney and coastal beaches yet in an atmosphere that is still quiet and relaxing. Single-family homes can be found in almost every size and price range. Families love the chain of lakes for the community of the small town, the many outdoor activities and the area schools.

Though the Windermere Chain of Lakes is a desirable place to live it is not overly developed and there are even great lots of land for sale just waiting for a dream home to be built.  Purchase a gorgeous piece of land in one of the best spots in central Florida. This is an outstanding place to put down roots and build a home to enjoy for many years to come.

The Windermere chain of lakes is like a laid back oasis in the middle of Florida. A place to step back in time to a simpler less stressful pace of life and enjoy all of the beauty of Florida. There is no bad place to live along the Windermere Chain of Lakes. This area has so much to offer home buyers with many options to choose from find a buyers agent and spend an afternoon discovering homes around the Windermere chain.


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